Friday, March 23, 2012

Week 10 Update

This has been a particularly successful week for me and QTO.  I'm confident that I will have something to be proud of by the time I have to present - four weeks from today.

Progress since last week:
  • character swears when loading last bullets
  • added an inventory (holds all the items)
  • stockpile energy cans, health kits, ammo boxes
  • character now can't pick up items when inventory is full
  • use energy cans, health kits, or pistol if equipped
  • modelled, textured, and added metal and wooden bats
  • added melee weapon combat capabilities
  • added sounds for bats and machete
  • added an inventory screen that shows details
  • equip items from inventory screen
  • started working on particle systems: created rain, mist, fire, smoke
  • added a mission screen (will show map and let player save, change options, see controls, or quit the game)
  • implemented quitting and options

Newly discovered bugs:
  • shooting up at the very beginning kills random zombies
  • zombies attacks constantly - implement a finite state machine
  • the input states on the level screen are updating strangely when closing other menus

~John Adam

Friday, March 9, 2012

Midterm Report - Half way there?

It feels like time is flying by too fast, especially since the due date is coming up in mid-April!

Here is a link to the report in full.

And here's how the game looks so far:

A nice and bloody title screen, showing off game menus.